Alpha® Ceramica Three-Part System

Alpha® Ceramica is a three-part system for polishing granite, hard marble and porcelain. Utilizing the best grade industrial diamonds and the best bond materials, Alpha® Ceramica is sure to provide the best possible finish on your polished stone. Alpha® Ceramica EX augments the Ceramica line allowing the fabricator to polish a variety of different materials such as engineered stone, quartz surfaces, marble, porcelain and granite.

Text Box: Ceramica Resin and Ceramica EX
Fine grade diamonds are heat sintered in a hard resin bond within a flexible matrix.
Each grit covers the previous grit, and through the process closes the pores for a natural polish.
After the last grit, a solid natural polish is achieved.


Text Box: Ceramica Buff
Super fine abrasive disc that brings out a deep glossy reflection with a mirror finish.
Use in place of messy polishing powders and dangerous chemicals for final polishing.

Ogee Edge NR R HR
Undermount Sink Hole NR R HR
Inside Corners NR R HR
Bullnose NR R R
Durability HR R HR
Flexibility R HR HR
Cutting HR R HR




Concave R HR HR
Convex HR R R
Flat R NR HR


Alpha® Ceramica is designed for a variety of applications and can be used in the polishing shop at the job site. A long time standard in the fabrication area, there are no other systems with the same capability for a deep gloss finish.

KEY:   HR = Highly Recommended      R = Recommended     NR = Not Recommended








Alpha® Dry Polishing System for Marble

Alpha Professional Tools® offers a variety of choices for fabricators and tile installers that prefer dry polishing techniques. The Alpha® Dry Polishing System has three highly suitable options for marble edge polishing.


Profile Wheel (Marble Tile)

DS Shaping Wheel



PVA Makita® Style Dry
Polishing Discs for Polishing Marble Edges


PVA Quick Change
Dry Polishing Discs for low
Speed Polishing Tools

Hook & Loop Backed Sandpaper Discs
(Wet or Dry Polishing)
for low Speed Polishing Tools

Felt Wheels

Text Box: Straight & Beveled Engineered Stone Edges
Text Box: Straight & Beveled Granite Edges by Single Head Polishers and Multi Head Polishers
Text Box: Grinding & Shaping
Metal Bond Shaping Wheel
Text Box: MARBLE


Alpha® Edgecrafter Polishing System

The Alpha® Edgecrafter System is an advanced edge polishing system designed to shape and polish straight and bevel edges on natural stone and glass. Easy to use and extremely versatile, this system works quickly to provided the best possible finishes.








Metal Bond Wheel


Metal Bond Wheel







Resin Bond Wheel

Round Abrasive Wheel
Fine, Super Fine

Diamond Abrasive Wheel 300, 500, 1000, 2000 Grit

Diamond Abrasive Wheel 300, 500, 1000, 2000 Grit

Bonded Abrasive Wheel 220, 280 Grit

Final Polishing Wheel
Summit, NP Rotary

Round Abrasive Wheel
Fine, Super Fine
Final Polishing Wheel

Final Polishing Wheel



Alpha® Twincur Edge Polishing System

The Alpha® Twincur Polishing System is a highly-effective system for polishing granite straight and beveled edges with automatic edge polishing machinery.



Alpha® Summit Granite Polishing System

The Alpha® Summit Polishing System is for use on radial arm polishing machines commonly used throughout the stone industry in the fabrication process. These radial arm machines can range from an older hand operated machine to a modern CNC controlled machine. The Alpha® Summit Polishing System works well on all types of these machines and is easily adapted to them. The system is ideal for polishing raw granite slabs and restoring a scratched granite surface on a previously polished item such as a tabletop or counter top. Also, it is very suitable for polishing various types of monument surfaces. Designed with three stages and available in assorted sizes, the Alpha® Summit Polishing System provides a long life as well as, high quality, and fast, consistent results.


The highest quality finishes can be obtained with the Alpha® Summit Polishing System. Its superior performance, compared with old-fashioned techniques, makes it the only radial arm polishing system you’ll need for granite.