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Twistouch Turbo (Discontinued)

Flat Granite Polishing

The Alpha® Twistouch Turbo works as part of the Alpha® Twistouch System, replacing Alpha® Turbo. Alpha® “Original” Turbo discs were a result of many years of research for a series of diamond grits specifically designed to polish flat granite areas. Before Turbo discs existed, hand polishing of flat granite was done with Ceramica – a flexible diamond disc. Although performance was acceptable, most often a wavy finish was obtained due to the flexibility of the Ceramica discs. Alpha® “Original” Turbo discs solved this problem; however, the hook and loop made disc removal difficult and often wore out before the disc. Alpha® Twistouch Turbo improves this popular polishing disc. It is now safer and easier to use for flat granite polishing. Applications such as straight edge polishing, scratch removal, floors (near walls, corners and staircases), checks and washes on monuments, chamfered edges, and drain boards can be done with ease using Alpha® Twistouch Turbo. Fabricators, monumentalists and restoration workers will love the results they obtain by using Alpha® Twistouch Turbo. The advanced “twist and lock” design gives the user better control during polishing, which allows for less operator fatigue and better end results. Grits are easily changed thus increasing production capability. In addition to the original selection of grits, we have added final buff discs to the Alpha® Twistouch Turbo series, which will improve your final polish results on any flat granite surface. Used as a wet polishing system, Alpha® Twistouch Turbo is a welcomed improvement for flat granite polishing applications.

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Part No. Size Maximum RPM Type Grit MSRP$
TU30100R 3" 4,000 Twistouch System 100 Call
TU30200R 3" 4,000 Twistouch System 200 Call
TU30500R 3" 4,000 Twistouch System 500 Call
TU31000R 3" 4,000 Twistouch System 1000 Call
TU32000R 3" 4,000 Twistouch System 2000 Call
TU33000R 3" 4,000 Twistouch System 3000 Call
TU3BLACK 3" 4,000 Twistouch System Buff Call
TU3WHITE 3" 4,000 Twistouch System Buff Call
TW25/8AL 2" 4,000 5/8 - 11 Thread - Call
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