Guide Rail System

Creates Straight Cuts Everytime

Product Details
ConfigGuide Rail + Carriage Assembly + Tool
AASC Series Guide Rail + ASC-5CSM + ESC-125 or AWS-125
BASC Series Guide Rail + AWS-UCAM* + AWS-125 or AWS-110
CGR Series Guide Rail + AWS-UCAM + AWS-125 or AWS-110
DASC Series Guide Rail + ASC-6CSM + PSC-150
EASC Series Guide Rail + BAB-CASM + BAB-1590
FGR Series Guide Rail + ECO-CAM + AWS-UCAM + ECC-125
GASC Series Guide Rail + ECO-CAM + AWS-UCAM* + ECC-125
HASC Series Guide Rail + ECO-CAM + ASC-5CSM + ECC-125
Note:*Spacers Required (contact Alpha® to receive at no charge)
Part No.SizeFor Use OnDescriptionMSRP (USD)
ASC-GR044' (1.2m)Guide Rail with 2 Clamps293.39
ASC-GR077' (2.1m)Guide Rail with 2 Clamps413.63
ASC-GR1212' (3.6m)Guide Rail (2-6' pcs) with 2 Clamps, Connector & 4 Screws626.49
ASC-GRKITSetGuide Rail Bundle (3 Rails (4',7',12'), 6 Clamps, Connector & 4 Screws)1266.83
133581Clamp for Guide Rail3.25
GR-AGCT12" (0.3m)Guide Rail Connector w/4 Screws (M8x20) for 12' Rails45.00
ASC-5CSM5"Use with ESC-125Guide Rail Carriage Assembly138.46
ASC-6CSM6"Use with PSC-150Guide Rail Carriage Assembly236.27
BAB-CASMUse with Beveling Auxiliary BaseCarriage Assembly for Beveling Base141.97