Backer Pads

Rigid Backer Pads

Rigid Backer Pads

Flexible Backer Pads

Flexible Backer Pads

GV Backer Pads

Backer Pad For Use on Makita GV5000 Sander

Palm Sanding Blocks

Semi-Rigid Foam Sanding Block

Dust-Free Guards

Ecoguard Type C

Hybrid Dust Collection Cover for Cutting

Ecoguard Type G

Dust Collection Cover for Grinding

Ecoguard Type W5

Dust Collection Cover for Wide Kerf Cutting

Ecoguard Type M (Spark Buster)

High-Speed Angle Grinder Solution for Metal Cutting

Ecoguard Type D

Collects Dust & Debris with Ease While Using Drills/Hammer Drills

Ecoguard Type EG

Economy Grinding Dust Collection Cover for Larger Grinders

Ecoguard Type CD

Dust & Water Cover for Core Drilling


Gloss Checkers

Portable Gloss Measuring Instrument

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

Electrical current protector

Dust Carriage

Hands-Free Dust Bag Carriage

Safety Glasses

Adjustable Safety Glasses

Wet Blade Cutting Kit

Converts A Dry Grinder for Wet Cutting

Beveling Auxiliary Base (15°~90°)

A Precision Grinding and Polishing Tool


Air, Water, Mobile and Adapter hoses

Multi-Purpose Aprons

Oxford Fabric (D900) PU Coated Waterproof Apron

HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum 15gallon

HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum