Edge Grinding

Vexcel Rigid Disc

General Purpose Rigid Grinding Disc

DW Style Grinding Wheels

Grinding Wheel for Natural and Eng. Stone

DS Style Grinding Wheels

Shaping Wheel for Natural and Eng. Stone

Surface Grinding

Spike Disc

Coating Removal Made Easy

Vextra Flat Disc

General Purpose Flat Grinding Disc

Surfacer Grinding Wheels

Grinding Cup Wheel for Flat Surfaces

Ultrazip Flap Wheels (Discontinued)

Hybrid Flap Wheel for Fast Material Removal Applications

Segmented Grinding Cup Wheel

Segmented Grinding Cup Wheel


VFlex Flexible Sanding Disc

General Purpose Flexible Sanding Disc

Reznet Sanding Screen Discs

Unique Multi-Purpose Abrasive Disc

Reznet Sanding Screen Pads

Convenient Multi-Purpose Sanding Pads

Reznet Sanding Blocks

Unique Comfortable Sanding Block

Reznet DA Backer Pads

Heavy-Duty Backer Pads for Dual-Action Sanders

Reznet Sanding Screen Rolls

Reznet Sanding Screen Rolls