Backer Pads

Rigid Backer Pads

Rigid Backer Pads

Flexible Backer Pads

Flexible Backer Pads

GV Backer Pads

Backer Pad For Use on Makita GV5000 Sander

Rotary Backer Pads

Rotary Backer Pads

Twistouch System

Flat Granite Polishing

Palm Sanding Blocks

Palm Sanding Block

Dust-Free Guards

Ecoguard Type D

Collects Dust & Debris with Ease While Using Drills/Hammer Drills

Ecoguard Type CD

Dust & Water Cover for Core Drilling

Ecoguard Type C

Hybrid Dust Collection Cover for Cutting

Ecoguard Type W5

Dust Collection Cover for Wide Kerf Cutting

Ecoguard Type G

Dust Collection Cover for Grinding

Ecoguard Type EG

Economy Grinding Dust Collection Cover for Larger Grinders

Ecoguard Type M (Spark Buster)

High-Speed Angle Grinder Solution for Metal Cutting


Beveling Auxiliary Base (15°~90°)

A Precision Grinding and Polishing Tool

Filter/Regulator Manifold System

Filter/Regulator Manifold Systems

G-Tape (Nichigo G-Tape™)

Multi-Purpose Surface Protection and Repair Tape

HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum 15gallon

HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum

Wet Blade Cutting Kit

Convert Dry Grinder for Wet Cutting

Surface Protection Tape

Repositionable Waterproof Surface Protection Tape

G-Tape - Acrylic Flashing (Nichigo G-Tape™)

High Adhesion Acrylic Flashing Tape

G-Tape - HVAC (Nichigo G-Tape™)

Aluminum Foil Laminated Polyethylene Cloth Tape

Multi-Purpose Apron

Oxford Fabric (D900) PU Coated Waterproof Apron

Safety Glasses

Adjustable Safety Glasses

Corner Rulers

Unique tools for fabricating corners


Air, Water, Mobile and Adapter hoses

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

Electrical current protector

Corner Nippers

Cut Glass Corners Easily

Dust Carriage

Hands-Free Dust Bag Carriage

Gloss Checkers

Portable Gloss Measuring Instrument