1658-011Screw M4x101.81
2658-921Pipe-Joint Assembly32.21
3516-441Oil Seal6.99
5658-101Head Packing1.91
7658-121Body Cover19.07
8516-201Ball Bearing 608ZZ8.73
11516-481Bearing 6302ZZ12.73
12516-491Oil Seal6.99
13516-50144 Nut17.52
14658-1001Spindle 5/8"-11 Thread57.80
14658-1551Spindle M14 (PF)57.80
15658-221Woodruff Key2.28
16658-231O-Ring (1.7mm x 2.75mm)1.91
17658-241Spray Nozzle9.55
20516-201Ball Bearing 608ZZ8.73
23658-1011Cylinder (inc. Part No. 658-31)119.35
24658-311Spring Pin1.91
26658-1031Vane (5 pc set)34.95
27516-261R-Bearing Case35.00
28516-271Bearing 626ZZ8.73
29516-281Bearing Cap5.26
31658-891Body Gasket (req. Part No. 658-90)5.73
32658-1041Endcase Assembly (inc. PartNo. 658-72, 73, 91 & 105)109.24
33658-721O-Ring (1.9mm x 3.8mm)1.76
34658-731Bushing 072.71
35658-871A-Valve 4.0mm (inc. Part No. 658-88)26.36
37658-1562A-Valve 4.5mm (inc. Part No. 658-88)23.69
36658-881Needle Pin2.05
37658-471O-Ring (1.7mm x 6.75mm)2.82
38658-451Wave Washer2.30
39658-461Nut M149.02
40658-501Valve Lever22.87
41658-1051O-Ring (inside of air valve pipe)2.72
42658-1061Water Valve (inc. Part No. 658-108)29.84
43658-641O-Ring (1.0mm x 3.0mm)1.88
44658-1071M8 Nut9.32
45658-671Washer 053.78
46658-651Retaining Ring E-Style2.27
47658-1081O-Ring (P-2)2.72
48658-1451Socket Head Screw M4 x 152.71
49658-1441Washer 040.28
53658-841Shim (0.20mm)2.49
55658-911Screw (w/O-Ring Seal (1pc in tool + 1 spare))2.27
56658-1101Complete Endcase Assembly166.56
58658-1121Splash Guard6.97
601030-10211Male Union for Air Hose Fitting4.94
611030-10201Male Union for Water Hose Fitting4.62
621030-00021Air Hose Assembly (15ft / 4.5m)34.50
631030-00031Water Hose Assembly (15ft / 4.5m)42.50
641030-11041Hose Clamp2.67
65658-951Exhaust Hose16.23
66658-1131Water Quick Coupler with Shut off Valve20.12
671030-11031Double Open End Wrench (19mm/22mm)13.96
68658-131Spring Washer M101.91
69658-141Side Handle19.07
70AIR-0081Rust Inhibitor Oil (8oz / 237ml)12.43
71658-1141Phillips Screwdriver (P1)2.13
731030-00041C-Shaped Handle41.39
10a658-171Spiral Bevel Gear45.79
10b658-1161Spiral Bevel Gear for AIR-85051.59
18a658-251Spiral Bevel Pinion22.87
18b658-1171Spiral Bevel Pinion for AIR-85028.44
19a516-181Ball Bearing 6001ZZ8.73
19b658-1181Ball Bearing (6000ZZ)19.12
21a658-281F-Bearing Case22.87
21b658-1191Front Bearing Case for AIR-85028.32
22a658-291Rotor Spacer3.81
22b658-1201Rotor Spacer for AIR-8505.47
25a658-1021Rotor 5 Vane for AIR-83057.16
25b658-1211Rotor 5 Vane for AIR-85053.82
30a658-371Air Inlet Case5.72
30b658-1221Air Inlet Case for AIR-8507.60
50a658-801Shim (0.10mm)1.01
50b658-1231Shim (D10xT0.10mm)1.37
51a658-811Shim (0.03mm)1.01
51b658-1241Shim (D10xT0.03mm)1.37
52a658-821Shim (0.05mm)1.01
52b658-1251Shim (D10xT0.05mm)1.37
57a658-1111Head Cover (Yellow) for AIR-830/PSC-60021.85
57b658-1261Head Cover (Blue) for AIR-85021.85
9a658-161Snap Ring1.91
9b658-1151Snap Ring (GV-10) for AIR-8503.28
997ST0551M44-Nut Wrench61.60
1001030-0018140' Air Hose for AIR-680/830/85051.25
1001030-0019140' Water Hose for AIR-680/830/85059.50
1001030-0010120' Air Hose for AIR-680/830/85037.75
1001030-0011120' Water Hose for AIR-680/830/85045.90
1001030-0012125' Air Hose for AIR-680/830/85041.00
1001030-0013125' Water Hose for AIR-680/830/85049.30
1001030-0014130' Air Hose for AIR-680/830/85044.50
1001030-0015130' Water Hose for AIR-680/830/85052.70
1001030-0016135' Air Hose for AIR-680/830/85047.80
1001030-0017135' Water Hose for AIR-680/830/85052.70