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PSG-125 Wet Cutting Kit

The Powerful PSG-125 Pneumatic Grinder turned into a Wet Blade Cutting Tool!

Alpha Professional Tools® introduces a new kit which converted the powerful PSG-125 into a wet cutting tool for use with diamond blades. It comes with all the components of the PSG-125 and the accessories needed to make it like wet tool. Ge the best of both worlds with this Dry Pneumatic Grinding and now as a Wet Pneumatic Grinder.

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Highly Reflective Safety Vest

Safety First!

Alpha® is proud to introduce a line of Safety Vests to enhance the visibility of workers in all types of environments such as fabrications shops, warehouses, and various job sites.

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Highly Reflective Lumbar Support Belt

Relieves Pressure on the Spine!

Alpha® introduces a new Lumbar Support Belt. It has high-performance elastic straps help relieve pressure on the lumbar spine as well as reflective stripes on suspenders and waist giving the belt enhanced visibility in the work area. It is recommended for Warehouse Employees, Construction Workers, Hardscapers, Landscapers, Bricklayers, Stone Fabricators, Tile Installers, Countertop Installers, Movers, Carpenters, and Truck Drivers.

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ESC-150 Electric Wet/Dry Stone Cutter

New 6" Wet/Dry Stone Cutter!

Alpha® is excited to introduce a new electric stone cutter, called the ESC-150, which is equipped with a powerful motor capable cutting 1-1/4” (3cm) stone slabs in one pass. In addition, Alpha® recognized the need for a quality electric portable stone cutter that is capable of miter cutting of 1-1/4” (3cm) materials with ease, so that any stone fabricator can use it when miter cuts are required, without the time-consuming setup. Also, it is great for sink-hole cutting and groove-cutting for rodding applications.

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ESC-150 Miter Cutting Kit

One System for Straight, Curve and Miter Cuts

Alpha® is pleased to introduce the ESC-150 Miter Cutting Kit. This kit utilizes our newly designed Carriage Assembly and re-designed Guide Rails to make miter and straight cuts perfect every time. V cuts for lamination are easier than ever. The kit has 2 ESC-150 Stone Cutters, 2 6” Carriage Assemblies, 2 6” Eclipse II Blades and a set of Guide Rails for all your needs.

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Countertop Trim Kit (ESC-150)

Next-Generation Countertop Trim Kit is Now Available!

Alpha® introduces our second generation Countertop Trim Kit, that incorporates our newest stone cutter, for those who work with pre-fabricated countertops or have the need to trim stone for a custom fit.

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Hot-Rod Blade

New Type/Sizes Available

Alpha Professional Tools® has improved the efficiency of tile contractors by expanding the usage of the Hot-Rod blade for the removal of grout. Combining the Hot-Rod blade for Granite, with the exclusive Alpha® Ecocutter creates a portable, dust-free grout removal solution.

AIR-680UW Underwater Pneumatic Polisher

The Best Polisher is Now available for Underwater Use!

Introducing the latest Alpha® Pneumatic Polishing Solution! The AIR-680UW is for use underwater for polishing and grinding. This tool is a modified version of our best-selling AIR-680 which now has a 27ft vacuum hose to allow underwater polishing on most pool sizes. The versatile tool can also be used without the vacuum hose for wet polishing.

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EZ Click2 Leveling System

Next-Generation Screw-based Tile Leveling System

The EZ Click’s patent-pending leveling cap is what really makes adjacent tiles perfectly level, with zero effort. It is tightened with your hands so there is no need for pliers or any other tools. The cap’s contact edge features a uniquely shaped surface, which removes residue and tiny debris automatically during the operation, virtually eliminating the risk of scratching the tile’s finish. After cracking the bases, a proprietary unlocking system facilitates the instant ejection of the screw, eliminating the tedious unscrewing of the caps. The screws are now available for use on 2cm Porcelain Pavers.

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PSG-658 Pneumatic Wet Grinder

Powerful Pneumatic Grinder!

Alpha® is pleased to introduce the PSG-658 Pneumatic Grinder with a 5/8”-11 spindle. This newly developed high-performance wet pneumatic stone grinder will become an essential part of the stone fabrication shop. The PSG-658 comes with a very unique center water-feed system to deliver ample water to keep the dust down on the floor and also enhance the performance of the wheel. It is smaller and lighter than electric angle grinders and offers better maneuverability along with all the safety features. This turn-key operation comes with 15 ft. all-weather hoses and a convenient water quick coupler with shut off valve.

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