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ESC-125 Electric Wet/Dry Stone Cutter

New Wet/Dry Stone Cutter!

Alpha® has re-designed the popular AWS-125 Wet Stone Cutter, which had changed the way we cut out sink holes using a manual cutting application. The ESC-125 was created based upon the feedback from fabricators in preparation for the new silica rule change by OSHA in 2017. Now that OSHA is enforcing the regulations on reducing the airborne silica particles, you now have a choice of using water to keep the dust down or connecting to a HEPA vacuum for dry cutting.

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New Aluminum Guide Rails & Carriage Assemblies

Re-designed for a Smoother Ride!

Alpha® has re-designed and improved the already popular Alpha® Guide Rail and Carriage System designed for the AWS-125 stone cutter, which made the precise cutting application easier. Now, the new Guide Rails have a track for the new Carriage System wheels to ride along to ensure a smoother, more precision motion. Due to this, the Guide Rails are not only used for cutting applications but also for beveling and polishing. It is an ideal system for the preparation of seamless countertop installations.

Profiler V-Series

New Size Added!

For years Alpha® has had great success with our Alpha® Marble Profile Wheel. is a need for a wheel for use on granite and porcelain. As a result, we are proud to introduce the Alpha® Profiler, designed to produce 3/16”, 3/8”, 1/2” or 3/4” roundover on granite, marble, engineered stone and porcelain tile and slab. Making use of the latest vacuum-brazed technology and utilizing diamonds best suited for most materials, Alpha® created this wet-cutting wheel. Equipped with a 5/8”-11 female thread and internal water passage holes, the Alpha® Profiler will fit the AWP-158, AIR-658, VSP-110 and other brands of center water-feed polishers. The nylon guide slides along the surface and the rotary touchier controls the depth of cut to make this tool nearly “goof-proof”. An operator with little or no fabrication skills can easily create a perfect roundover on tile or slab!

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VDP-700 Variable Speed Rotary Polisher (Available Soon)

Perfect for the Polishing Professional

Introducing the VDP-700… Sanding and polishing applications are time consuming tough work. In order to reduce the fatigue of the polishing professional, we ergonomically designed this lightweight polisher that is comfortable to hold and easy to control during the entire operation. This is done with one of two handle designs that come with the unit (C-Handle & Side Handle).

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Palm Sanding Block

Ergonomic Palm Sanding Block-Perfect for Hard To Reach Areas

Alpha® is excited to offer 5” and 6” palm sanding blocks that are designed to help users reach the areas where they cannot by machine polishers. The Alpha® palm sanding block was originally designed for wet hand polishing applications to achieve very best paint quality.

Contour for Porcelain

New Sizes Added!

Alpha® has expanded the Contour Blade for Porcelain line with new sizes of 4” and 4-1/2” for smaller kerfs. These blades are perfect for making curved cuts on Porcelain and Ultra Compact Surfaces. Due to the difficult nature of these materials, the Alpha® Contour Blade is ideal for these materials as it cuts smooth without chipping or damaging the material.

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New Sizes of Wet Blade Cutting Kits!

Turn a Dry High-Speed Grinder into a Wet Blade Cutting Tool!

Alpha Professional Tools® introduces new sizes of the proven WBCKIT. This terrific accessory converts any dry High-Speed Angle Grinder into a wet cutting tool for use with diamond blades. It comes with a safety guard, water hose and connectors, as well as a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. Expand your toolbox without the expense of a second tool!

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Turboshine Grinding Wheels

Grinding Wheels for Heavy Material Cutting!

The Alpha® Turboshine polishing system for seamless countertop installations, and scratch removals, has expanded to now include two grinding wheels. These wheels utilize the “Dual Adapter System” and are designed for heavy material removal. The grits are #60 and #120 and they are available now!

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G-Tape HVAC Tape (Nichigo G-Tape™)

Seaming and Splicing Tape for Insulation and HVAC

Alpha® is expanding the Nichigo G-Tape™ product line with the addition of the 2010AL for HVAC and insulation. This tape is a single-sided tape built with a HDPE cloth laminated with LDPE/aluminum foil and proprietary acrylic adhesive. It provides superior physical properties and easy handling as compared with conventional adhesive tapes.

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Twincur GEM Polishing System

#50 Grit Now Available

The Alpha® Twincur GEM series has expanded its line to include a newly developed #50 grit for saw mark removal and calibration. The GEM series now has 8 grits for the most comprehensive polishing system on all types of stones. The wheels are available with the Snail Lock adapter system for use with the most popular edge polishing machines.

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