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G-Tape Acrylic Flashing (Nichigo G-Tape™)

High Adhesion Acrylic Flashing Tape

G-Tape’s 3040BK Black has quickly become a favorite of deck builders across the United States. No other product combines performance and ease of use as well as adds protection to deck joists and helps increase longevity. The G-Tape 3040BK Series provides the ultimate flashing performance with unmatched contractor friendly features. The AAMA 7-11 Level 3 Class A rating means the 3040BK tape meets the highest standards for hot and cold performance and does so without the need for any additional primer…

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Alpha® G-Tape (Nichigo G-Tape™)

Multi-Purpose Hard Surface Protection and Repair Tape

This tape is waterproof and tears straight and easily by hand. It is highly weather/UV resistant and can be used in temperatures ranging from -40°F to +200°F. The ability to reposition it makes it great for quick repairs on all kinds of surfaces. The best part is that, although the adhesion is strong, it does not leave any residue when removed. Use this tape on all your projects with great results!

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PT Cutter

Introducing The Ultimate Dry Blade for Hardscape Contractors!

Save Time and Money with the new Alpha® PT Cutter blades. These blades are designed to cut porcelain paver tiles, with the minimal chipping on the edge, using a gas-powered demolition saw. They come in 12” & 14” sizes to accommodate most demolition saws. Alpha® has sintered a very special turbo rim diamond layer directly to the steel core instead of welding segments piece by piece. This is designed specifically for porcelain dry cutting. The blade made by this method offers less impact to the material, during the cutting application, which minimizes the chipping. The softer steel core allows you to cut the desired curved line, by step-cutting, for a continual cutting application.

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PSG-125 Pneumatic Grinder

Introducing An Industrial quality grinder with tons of features!

Alpha Professional Tools® is excited to announce their latest performance tool with the PSG-125 5” Pneumatic Grinder. This industrial quality grinder has a powerful 1.6 HP motor with speed control governor. It is compact, has an ergonomic aluminum body, a reversible safety lever throttle and three auxiliary handle positions.

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PSG-125 Diamond Cutting Kit

PSG-125 Diamond Cutting Kit Combines the PSG-125 with the Ecoguard W5!

Alpha® is pleased to introduce the PSG-125 Diamond Cutting Kit. This system is recommended for virtually dust-free masonry cutting applications using a diamond blade. It fits not only standard cutting blades but also wide kerf blades for tuck pointing, crack chasing and grout removal.

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PSG-125 Grinding Kit

PSG-125 Grinding Kit Combines the PSG-125 & Ecoguard G!

Alpha® is pleased to introduce the PSG-125 Grinding Kit. This system is designed for virtually dust-free sanding, grinding, paint and coating removal with up to 5” discs. A removable flat cover allows grinding right to the edge while the dust cover prevents dust from escaping. Also, great for surface preparation, whether it is on concrete, metal, wood, composite or other surfaces.

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PSG-125 Metal Cutting Kit

PSG-125 Metal Cutting Kit Combines the PSG-125 with the Ecoguard M!

Introducing the PSG-125 Metal Cutting Kit… A unique industrial angle grinder cutting kit designed for ferrous and non-ferrous metal cutting applications with abrasive cut-off wheels or carbide blades. A safety guard, along with a base plate, eliminates the dangerous kick-back typical on hand-held grinders.

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Silencer III for Quartzite

Perfect for Quartzite and Class 5 Granites!

Alpha Professional Tools® is pleased to introduce the Silencer for Quartzite. This high-quality blade for bridge or table saws is designed specifically for Quartzsite, a very hard stone that is often difficult to cut.

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