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AIR-830/AIR-850 Pneumatic Polishers

The Best Polisher just became Better!

Introducing the latest Alpha®: the AIR-830 and AIR-850 Pneumatic Polishers that will make the polishing operation easier than ever. Now Alpha® offers two models with different maximum RPM to cover all fabricators who want to create the best polish and/or want to improve their productivities and efficiencies. Both polishers equipped with a newly developed motor with a 5 Hybrid composite vane design that outputs more power and last longer than their predecessor. The polishers come with new splash guard which blocks the splash while providing better visibility.

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PSC-600 Pneumatic Stone Cutter

A Powerful Grinder-Style Stone Cutter!

Introducing the Alpha® PSC-600 which is a newly developed high-performance wet pneumatic stone cutter that will set a new “normal” in stone fabrication shops. It is common knowledge that electric power tools don’t last very long due to the stone dust or the water splash which damages them easily. This is why most of the polishers nowadays are pneumatic-driven polishers. The PSC-600 comes with a very unique center water-feed system to deliver ample water on the both sides, of the diamond blade, which will keep the dust down on the floor and also enhance the performance and life of the diamond blade. This powerful tool can also be used as a grinder!!

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Alpha® Long-Sleeve Waterproof Apron

New Size of Long-Sleeve Apron!

Alpha® is proud to introduce a smaller size of our popular Long-Sleeve Waterproof Apron. This apron is made of a D900 Oxford / PU coated material which is commonly used for waterproof safety jackets for outdoors. It has customizable rubber cuffs for the sleeves to ensure water proofing for the user. Compared with other materials used for aprons, this is much lighter weight and has a very good waterproofing capability. Additionally, the material is a bright neon yellow color providing greater visibility, for better safety in busy, darker indoor shop environments.

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Pool Coping Kit

Complete Kit for Finishing Pool Coping

The Alpha® Pool Coping Kit comes with all the components necessary for the coping application for 5cm (2”) thickness. The Profiler will create a uniform bullnose edge with ease using the VDP-700 variable speed rotary polisher when used with wet sanding/polishing kit (WSPKIT). Most of the popular paving materials have a honed surface so that #80 Sandpaper will create a matching finish on the profiled edge. The Kit also comes with all accessories such as a waterproof apron and GFCI for a safe and comfortable operation. This Kit is simple and provides a turnkey solution.

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Wet Blade Cutting Kit 9”

New Sizes Added!

Alpha Professional Tools® is excited to introduce the newest addition to their Wet Blade Cutting Kit line-up. The WBC9KIT is designed for the easy conversion of large grinders into a wet cutting tool with a water feed system. The Alpha® WBC9KIT fits on most 7” and 9” high-speed angle grinders. It allows you to save money, by converting your existing dry angle grinder into a wet tool, without the expense of a second tool. You can keep the dust down while you are cutting, grinding and profiling any surfacing materials with water. This is a simple way to be in compliance with the OSHA silica rules with a minimal investment.

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Wet Sanding/Polishing Kit (WSPKIT)

Convert Your Dry Sander/Polisher to a Wet Tool!

The Alpha® Wet Sanding/Polishing Kit is the perfect accessory for the hand-held polishers as it turns a dry tool into a wet tool without the need for a second tool. It comes with a safety guard, water hose and supplies, as well as a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. This unique kit allows you to sand and polish, without the dust, in compliance with OSHA regulations.

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Ecoguard W6

New Size Added!

Alpha Professional Tools® is excited to introduce the newest addition to their Ecoguard Dust Collection line up. The Ecoguard W6 is designed for collecting dust/debris when using a high-speed angle grinder with a vacuum. The Alpha® Ecoguard W6 fits on most 4-1/2”, 5” and 6” angle grinders. This unique guard was built for heavy-duty applications and has unique features such as the support base for precise cuts as well as an adjustable cutting depth to a maximum of 1-3/4”. The clear cover allows for better visibility and is easy to install. It allows you to convert your existing dry angle grinder into a dustless tool and save money without the expense of a second tool.

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Summit AP

The New Summit AP Resin Wheels for Radial Arm Polishers are designed to polish Engineered Stone and Quartz Surfaces in addition to Granite, Marble and Limestone

Alpha® is pleased to introduce Summit AP Polishing Wheels. This enhanced version of our popular Summit Resin will now polish Engineered Stone and Quartz Surfaces in addition to Granite, Marble and Limestone. They fit on the most common radial arm polishers and will match the factory finish provided by large multi-head polishing machines.

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EZ Wedge Leveling System

Leveling System Designed for Edges and Corners

Introducing the EZ Wedge Tile Leveling System... The EZ Wedge system maximizes performance when installed under tile corners, thus requiring surprisingly few Clips and Tabs to obtain a perfectly lippage-free and regular-joint professional result. The EZ Wedge can be inserted and tighten with your bare hands as no pliers are needed. It’s designed to be reused over and over!

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EZ Click Leveling System

Next-Generation Screw-based Tile Leveling System

The EZ Click’s patent-pending leveling cap is what really makes adjacent tiles perfectly level, with zero effort. It is tightened with your hands so there is no need for pliers or any other tools. The cap’s contact edge features a uniquely shaped surface, which removes residue and tiny debris automatically during the operation, virtually eliminating the risk of scratching the tile’s finish. After cracking the bases, a proprietary unlocking system facilitates the instant ejection of the screw, eliminating the tedious unscrewing of the caps.

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