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Summit AP

The New Summit AP Resin Wheels for Radial Arm Polishers are designed to polish Engineered Stone and Quartz Surfaces in addition to Granite, Marble and Limestone

Alpha® is pleased to introduce Summit AP Polishing Wheels. This enhanced version of our popular Summit Resin will now polish Engineered Stone and Quartz Surfaces in addition to Granite, Marble and Limestone. They fit on the most common radial arm polishers and will match the factory finish provided by large multi-head polishing machines.

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EZ Wedge Leveling System

Leveling System Designed for Edges and Corners

Introducing the EZ Wedge Tile Leveling System... The EZ Wedge system maximizes performance when installed under tile corners, thus requiring surprisingly few Clips and Tabs to obtain a perfectly lippage-free and regular-joint professional result. The EZ Wedge can be inserted and tighten with your bare hands as no pliers are needed. It’s designed to be reused over and over!

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EZ Click Leveling System

Next-Generation Screw-based Tile Leveling System

The EZ Click’s patent-pending leveling cap is what really makes adjacent tiles perfectly level, with zero effort. It is tightened with your hands so there is no need for pliers or any other tools. The cap’s contact edge features a uniquely shaped surface, which removes residue and tiny debris automatically during the operation, virtually eliminating the risk of scratching the tile’s finish. After cracking the bases, a proprietary unlocking system facilitates the instant ejection of the screw, eliminating the tedious unscrewing of the caps.

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Alpha® Long-Sleeve Waterproof Apron

Alpha® Adds Long-Sleeve Apron!

Alpha® has improved the already popular and comfortable apron by re-designing it with straps to hang on the shoulders, instead of the neck, ensuring less fatigue while providing more coverage over the chest. Also the apron is now a D900 Oxford / PU coated material which is commonly used for waterproof safety jackets for outdoors. Compared with other materials used for aprons, this is much lighter weight and has a very good waterproofing capability. Additionally, the material is a bright neon yellow color providing greater visibility, for better safety in busy, darker indoor shop environments.

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PSC-150 Miter Cutting Kit

One System for Straight, Curve and Miter Cuts

Alpha® is pleased to introduce the PSC-150 Miter Cutting Kit. This kit is utilizes our newly designed Carriage Assembly and re-designed Guide Rails to make miter and straight cuts perfect every time. V cuts for lamination are easier than ever. The kit has 2 PSC-150 Stone Cutters, 2 6” Carriage Assemblies and a set of Guide Rails for all your needs.

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Beveling Base Starter Kit

Create A Precise Edge Whether Mitered, Beveled or Straight

Alpha® has designed a Carriage Assembly specifically for the Beveling Auxiliary Base (BAB-1590) to assist the precision grinding, beveling and polishing applications. Since the carriage assembly is supported by the guide rail system, it creates the perfect chamfer edge, and difficult edges such as Hollywood Bevel, as well as the straight edge easily by hand applications. We also recommend using the grinding wheel to make mitered edges for the laminated waterfall edge on thin porcelain panels (Laminam, Neolith, Panoramic…etc.) with ½” or less thickness.

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Countertop Trim Kit (ESC-125)

Next-Generation Countertop Trim Kit is Now Available!

Alpha® introduces our second generation Countertop Trim Kit, that incorporates our newest stone cutter, for those who work with pre-fabricated countertops or have the need to trim stone for a custom fit.

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PT Cutter

New Size Available for The Ultimate Dry Blade for Hardscape Contractors!

Save Time and Money with the new Alpha® PT Cutter blades. These blades are designed to cut porcelain paver tiles, with the minimal chipping on the edge, using a gas-powered demolition saw. They come in 9”, 12” & 14” sizes to accommodate most demolition saws. Alpha® has sintered a very special turbo rim diamond layer directly to the steel core instead of welding segments piece by piece. This is designed specifically for porcelain dry cutting. The blade made by this method offers less impact to the material, during the cutting application, which minimizes the chipping. The softer steel core allows you to cut the desired curved line, by step-cutting, for a continual cutting application.

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ESC-125 Electric Wet/Dry Stone Cutter

New Wet/Dry Stone Cutter!

Alpha® has re-designed the popular AWS-125 Wet Stone Cutter, which had changed the way we cut out sink holes using a manual cutting application. The ESC-125 was created based upon the feedback from fabricators in preparation for the new silica rule change by OSHA in 2017. Now that OSHA is enforcing the regulations on reducing the airborne silica particles, you now have a choice of using water to keep the dust down or connecting to a HEPA vacuum for dry cutting.

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New Aluminum Guide Rails & Carriage Assemblies

Re-designed for a Smoother Ride!

Alpha® has re-designed and improved the already popular Alpha® Guide Rail and Carriage System designed for the AWS-125 stone cutter, which made the precise cutting application easier. Now, the new Guide Rails have a track for the new Carriage System wheels to ride along to ensure a smoother, more precision motion. Due to this, the Guide Rails are not only used for cutting applications but also for beveling and polishing. It is an ideal system for the preparation of seamless countertop installations.

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