Discontinued Products

Discontinued Cutting Systems

Guide Rails (Discontinued)

Universal Aluminum Rail System

Countertop Trim Kit (Discontinued)

Complete Trim Kit for a Custom-Look

Dry Porcelain Tile Cutting System (Discontinued)

Dry Porcelain Tile Cutting System

Wet Sink-Hole Cutting Kit (Discontinued)

Convenient Curve Cutting Solution

Plus For Accuglide™

Plus for Accuglide™ Stone Saws

Guide Rail System (Discontinued)

Universal Aluminum Rail System

Marble Profile Wheel (Discontinued)

Wet Cutting Marble Profile Wheel

Contour for Marble

Curve Cutting on Marble

PSG-125 Diamond Cutting Kit

Virtually Dust-free Diamond Cutting Kit

PSG-125 Metal Cutting Kit (Discontinued)

Industrial Angle Grinder Cutting Kit


Premium Wet Saw Blade for Marble & Ceramic Tile

AWS-125 Wet Stone Cutter (Discontinued)

Powerful Wet Stone Cutter for Fabricators

Eclipse Segmented (Discontinued)

General Purpose Blade for Gas Powered Demolition Saw

Quad Segmented (Discontinued)

Flush Cutting Application for Granite

Numero Uno (Discontinued)

The Ultimate Wet Blade for Granite Tile

Metalgres (Discontinued)

Wet Saw Blade for Cutting Glazed Tile

Discontinued Profiling

Marble Profile Wheel (Discontinued)

Wet Cutting Marble Profile Wheel

Vacuum Brazed Router Bits (Discontinued)

Top of the Line Router Bits Never Lose Their Shape

Sintered Bond Router Bits (Discontinued)

Smooth and Quick Profiling Router Bits

Profiler Q-Series (Discontinued)

Creating Recessed Drain Holes

Discontinued Grinding & Shaping

DG Style Grinding Wheels (Discontinued)

The Best Grinding Wheel for Natural and Eng. Stone

Segmented Grinding Cup Wheel

Segmented Grinding Cup Wheel

Ultrazip Flap Wheels (Discontinued)

Hybrid Flap Wheel for Fast Material Removal Applications

ECG-125 Ecogrinder (Discontinued)

Virtually Dust-free Grinding Solution!

Discontinued Drilling

Wet Core Drilling Kit (Discontinued)

All-in-One Core Drilling Kit

CNC Wet Core Bit

CNC Wet Core Bit

PSG-125 Grinding Kit

Compact Industrial Grinder for Sanding & Coating Removal

Discontinued Hand Tools & Accessories

AIR-658 (Discontinued - See AIR-830)

Ultimate Air Polisher for Fabricators

VSP-220 (Discontinued - See VSP-340)

Variable Speed Electric Wet Polisher

Floor Splash Guard (Discontinued)

Reduce Splashing and Clean-up Time

Apron (Vinyl) (Discontinued)

Flexible, Convenient, Waterproof Apron

Vacuum Hold Down System (Discontinued)

Air driven vacuum holding system

Smart Trowel (Discontinued)

Ergonomic and Comfortable Smart Trowels

Scratch Removal Kit (Discontinued)

Complete Scratch Removal Kit

HEPA Vacuum (Discontinued)

Certified Hepa Vacuum

Moisture Test Kit (Discontinued)

Moisture Test Kit for Calculating Vapor Emissions

Dry Tile Bullnose Kit (Discontinued)

Create A Factory Finish Without The Mess

Ghines Sector Router (Discontinued)

A Triplespeed Router for Shaping/Honing Edges

Sure-Guide All-in-One System (Discontinued)

Drill Faucet Holes with Ease!

VSP-110 (Discontinued - See VSP-320)

Variable Speed Electric Wet Polisher

AIR-680 Pneumatic Polisher (Discontinued-See AIR-830))

The Ultimate Pneumatic Polisher for Fabricators

Ceramica Edge (Discontinued)

Flexible Diamond Edge Polishing Disc

Dust Carriage (Discontinued)

Hands-Free Dust Bag Carriage

HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum 15gallon

HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum

Ecogrinder Caddy (Discontinued)

Stand-up Grinder Caddy for Ecogrinders

Discontinued Polishing

Twistouch Turbo (Discontinued)

Flat Granite Polishing

Twincur EG-S (Discontinued)

Straight and Beveled Edge Polishing on Granite

Twincur EG-V (Discontinued)

Straight and Beveled Edge Polishing on Granite

Twincur L (Discontinued)

Flat Surface of Granite with Tornado Magnetic System

Twincur L-ES (Discontinued)

Flat Surface of Eng. Stone with Tornado Magnetic System

Twincur GB (Discontinued)

Polishing of Bullnose Edges of Granite

Reznet Sanding Screen Discs (Discontinued)

Unique Multi-Purpose Abrasive Disc

Reznet Sanding Screen Pads (Discontinued)

Convenient Multi-Purpose Sanding Pads

Reznet Sanding Blocks (Discontinued)

Unique Comfortable Sanding Block

Reznet DA Backer Pads (Discontinued)

Heavy-Duty Backer Pads for Dual-Action Sanders

Sandpaper (Discontinued)

Concrete and Marble Polishing

Turboshine for Crystallized Glass (Discontinued)

Polishing and Scratch Removal System for Crystallized Glass

Reznet Sanding Screen Rolls

Reznet Sanding Screen Rolls

Nichigo G-Tape™ 2000 Series HVAC

Aluminum Foil Laminated Polyethylene Cloth Tape

Ecoguard EG (Discontinued)

Economy Grinding Dust Collection Cover for Larger Grinders

Metal Bond Shaping Wheel (Discontinued)

Metal Bond for Grinding and Shaping

Discontinued Restoration & Maintenance

Discontinued Materials

Granite Countertop Fabrication & Installation DVD (Discontinued)

Step-by-Step Fabrication & Installation Video

Pre-Fabricated Granite Blank Fabrication & Installation DVD (Discontinued)

Learn How to Work with Pre-Fabricated Granite Blanks