Discontinued Hand Tools & Accessories

AIR-658 (Discontinued - See AIR-830)

Ultimate Air Polisher for Fabricators

VSP-220 (Discontinued - See VSP-340)

Variable Speed Electric Wet Polisher

Floor Splash Guard (Discontinued)

Reduce Splashing and Clean-up Time

Apron (Vinyl) (Discontinued)

Flexible, Convenient, Waterproof Apron

Vacuum Hold Down System (Discontinued)

Air driven vacuum holding system

Smart Trowel (Discontinued)

Ergonomic and Comfortable Smart Trowels

Scratch Removal Kit (Discontinued)

Complete Scratch Removal Kit

HEPA Vacuum (Discontinued)

Certified Hepa Vacuum

Moisture Test Kit (Discontinued)

Moisture Test Kit for Calculating Vapor Emissions

Dry Tile Bullnose Kit (Discontinued)

Create A Factory Finish Without The Mess

Ghines Sector Router (Discontinued)

A Triplespeed Router for Shaping/Honing Edges

Sure-Guide All-in-One System (Discontinued)

Drill Faucet Holes with Ease!

VSP-110 (Discontinued - See VSP-320)

Variable Speed Electric Wet Polisher

AIR-680 Pneumatic Polisher (Discontinued-See AIR-830))

The Ultimate Pneumatic Polisher for Fabricators

Ceramica Edge (Discontinued)

Flexible Diamond Edge Polishing Disc

Dust Carriage (Discontinued)

Hands-Free Dust Bag Carriage

HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum 15gallon

HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum

Ecogrinder Caddy (Discontinued)

Stand-up Grinder Caddy for Ecogrinders